Preparing to Sell

Selling your home doesn't need to be overwhelming. 

Preparing to Sell answers many of the most common questions sellers have, including the taxes and closing costs to expect, affordable ways to increase the value of your home, and how agents like Rob Millis promote properties to reach every broker and buyer in the city.

Your sales agent can manage everything from photography and floor plans, to advertising and strategy. When you discuss listing your property, make sure your agent understands you expect them to do more than just place ads and hold open houses. 

Your real estate attorney, accountant, and several other specialists will play key roles too. Your agent will coordinate with all of them to ensure a smooth sale. To get started, some of New York City's most respected real estate attorneys are listed in the Preparing to Sell guide.

To prepare your home and yourself for a sale, download the free Preparing to Sell. Share it with anyone you like, and of course to call or email Rob Millis with any questions.