No matter what you seek, there are solutions.


I pride myself on service, and on the company I keep. If I am not an expert in the property you seek or sell, I will introduce you to a colleague who I trust to take care of your needs.

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Creative Spaces

Old is always being made new again

From Soho to Gowanus, New York City's creative soul and innovative character has always been defined by adaptation. Warehouses and manufacturing buildings continue to evolve throughout the city. Just when you think a neighborhood is 'over' it rises again.

Classic Co-Op or Modern Condo?

Every Apartment has it's own character

When it comes time to buy or sell your apartment, work with an agent who understands the unique challenges and benefits of both co-ops and condos. Rob has served on multiple co-op boards, managed condo investments, and played every possible role in these transactions.


Office Space

From Corporate to Co-Work 

Every business has unique needs. As a former commercial landlord and longtime 


The Heart of Old New York Made New Again

Brownstone, butter brick, limestone, and more — the classic townhouses of New York define their neighborhoods.